• Testimonials

  • Excellent diagnosis of problems and correct treatment. I especially like it when you call with a problem they get you in quickly to diagnose and treat it. They were also very caring and compassionate in treating my husband who was very debilitated with copd. They allowed extra time for cleanings because he needed to sit up and rest and catch his breath during the procedure. I highly recommend this dental practice.

    Rebecca S.

  • I always have a good appointment even on cavity day, the staff is always wonderful. They remember who you are and are always wanting to hear about what is going on in your life; good or bad. And this was how I could finally get the husband to make an appointment.

    J. Wright

  • From the minute you walk in the door at dr. Curry's office you know you are in a professional, patient friendly environment. The staff is great. They explain everything and make sure you are comfortable. Dr. Curry is by far the best dentist I have seen, period. He cares about his patients and make every effort to make sure we are comfortable and pain free. Dr. Curry explains everything and he always answers your questions. Today I had a tooth extracted and I fell asleep because I was confident in Dr. Curry and his staff. Thank you Dr. Curry and thank you staff.

    Wayne Glass

  • Dr. Curry and his assistants are the best anyone could ever ask for. We look forward to going to the dentist because everyone in his office cares more about you than just for your teeth. They are the nicest people ever and they do quality work. I highly recommend Dr. Curry for everyone as a great dentist. Thanks for taking such good care of my family!

    LaJean Harkins

  • I had a very difficult crown procedure done. Dr Curry was trying to save my tooth and prevent the need for a root canal. To further complicate the procedure I have a history of being difficult to get numb my whole life with 4 different dentists. Dr Curry was very good about backing off if I got a zinger and reapplying more anesthesia. Even though my tenderness turned an hourish treatment into more than 2.5 hours, Dr Curry remained very patient and never rushed me and constantly checked with me about my comfort. I have another crown that needs done and can't imagine having anyone else do it!

    Jerry Kennedy

  • Dr. curry and all of his assistants make every dental visit the best it can be. The results are always fantastic and I love my smile more after every visit. They are all so friendly and comforting. The office is so bright and cheerful with relaxing music to make patients their most comfortable. Dr. Curry has the most modern equipment and always explains what he is doing and why. I recommend Dr. Curry and his staff to everyone I know. YOU should make an appointment today!

    Sherri Scharf

  • I suppose I take for granted how good the doctor is and the staff at your office. It isn't until you hear an unpleasant experience someone else has gone through that you realize you have NEVER had this at Dr Curry's office. Consistancey is more important than is often thought and I often forget to remember how challenging the staff have it with all the different people who you see. Thanks for the excellent treatment that always makes calm before, during and after my visit.